Meta-Mathematical Foundations of Existence: Gödel, Quantum, God & Beyond

by Steven Kubacki PhD & Brian Blackmore MS

The goal of science is to discover and explore the boundless realities of existence. In the Meta-Mathematical Foundations of Existence, the authors prove that existence is infinite in its universes and realities. Everything imaginable and unimaginable is possible. There is endless change and limitless possibility driven by the inherent incompleteness and inconsistencies of all things, thoughts, theories, and universes. Existence is a dialectical dance between the infinite possibilities of existence and the finite constraints in any universe or thing, including reasoning and life itself. Even God exists though not in the way generally conceived. Through the book’s proofs, the origin of the universe and basic ideas in quantum mechanics are also rendered more understandable. Most importantly, the reader does not need to know any math, as the proofs are presented at the end following an in-depth explanation of their meaning and applicability to comprehending the fundamentals of existence.