Steven R. Kubacki, PhD

Steven R Kubacki, PhD, is a believer in praxis, the old Greek word that denotes the making real of ideas and imagination through some form of action.  He is not merely interested in the frontiers of knowledge but engages in activities and adventures-physical and cerebral-to expand the boundaries of the possible.  In his life’s work, he fancies himself as an applied philosopher with a wide range of interests across many varied disciplines and professions, including psychology, economics, political science, sociology, literature, history, general philosophy, philosophy of science, and modern critical theory.

Steve grew up in South Deerfield, MA, in a lower middle class family, where his father worked in a tire factory and mother was a secretary at the University of Massachusetts. He graduated from Deerfield Academy in 1972 as a day-student, where he would spend many hours in its college-like library cutting classes and rebelling.  From Hope College in 1979, he received a BA in German Studies—a default major because he just had enough credits after having switched majors a dozen times or so.  In 1983, he earned a MA in Linguistics/TOEFL (Ohio University). However, he found linguistics a bit too academic and yearned for more intense human-to-human interactions, subsequently enrolling in a PhD Clinical Psychology program at the University of New Mexico.  During his stay there, he was awarded a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship in the Departments of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis at Frankfurt University in Germany, where he studied under Dr. Rohde-Dachser and Juergen Habermas.





Lived in Chicopee, MA


Lived in South Deerfield, MA


Deerfield Academy Preparatory School

1972-74, 75-78

Hope College, Holland, MI


Freiburg University, Germany

February 19, 1978

Disappearance on Lake Michigan


May 5, 1979

Reappears in Massachusetts


Finishes German Studies BA from Hope College at the University of Massachusetts


German Graduate School University of Massachusetts


Ohio University MA Linguistics/TESOL


Teaches Officers of the Saudi Arabian National Guard


MA Thesis on Metaphors and Critical Thinking


Clinical Psychology PhD University of New Mexico


Fulbright Hayes Scholar University of Frankfurt, Germany; Departments of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis


Dartmouth Medical School Clinical Psychology Internship


PhD Dissertation: Comparing Values and Methods in Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychodynamic Therapies


Professor at University of Wyoming, Laramie


Argosy School of Professional Psychology; Director of Clinical Training


Bastyr University; Chair Department of Psychology


Full-Time Private Clinical Practice and Writer

After finishing a 2-year internship at Dartmouth Medical School in 1992, he became a professor at the University of Wyoming and while there was awarded a Fellowship by the American Psychoanalytic Association.  In 1998, he became the Director of Clinical Training at Argosy University-Seattle.  Later he served as Chair of the Department of Psychology at Bastyr University until 2003. He currently has a full-time clinical practice and wants someday to become a full-time writer/blogger.

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