Frequently Asked Questions

I’m less interested in answering questions about myself than I am in any number of other topics. That said, ask away.

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Where was I during my disappearance?

I haven’t ever spoken publicly about my disappearance. You’ll have to wait for the book for the answers to this one.

After 45 years why did I decide now to come forward to reveal what happened during my disappearance for 15 months?

I first of all did not want to be defined for the rest of my life by the event of my disappearance, as life-changing and mysterious as it was. Secondly, it has taken me these many years to remember and make sense of the disappearance and to develop the ideas and insights that have their seeds or roots in that event.


Was I abducted by aliens, a victim of the Michigan Triangle, or part of a conspiracy?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer these questions until the book on my disappearance is published, though I can discuss many of my writings, whose theories and ideas have partly their origin during that event.