What Really Happened?

Steven Kubacki vanished without a trace in 1978, only to walk out of a field 15 months later, claiming no recollection of anything that happened to him. In the decades since, millions of people have speculated about what happened, but Kubacki has never spoken about that “lost” time… until now. The Disappearance is the dramatic and never-before-revealed true account of how an idealistic college student went out onto the ice of Lake Michigan, and never really came back.

The Disappearance

About the Author

Steven R Kubacki, PhD, is a believer in praxis, the old Greek word that denotes the making real of ideas and imagination through some form of action. He is not merely interested in the frontiers of knowledge but engages in activities and adventures-physical and cerebral-to expand the boundaries of the possible. In his life’s work, he fancies himself as an applied philosopher with a wide range of…

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